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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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reminds you of how blessed and lucky we all are. it also reminds you the goodness, the greatness at the heart of the american people. that officer is one great american. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here monday night. >> this week, cbs became the first news organization besides fox to ask who changed the talking points. this is very dangerous for gormists to start asking questions. >> the whole issue of benghazi has been a tawdry affair. >> we do not intend to sfand by
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while ambassador susan rice, who had nothing to do with this tragic benghazi attack, or its aftermath, is made the scapegoat of the tragedy because she relayed to the public, the only official intelligence that was available to the administration at the time. >> i have found no heroes here in washington. the focus on... and in some case, the obsessive focus on ambassador rice's appearance on a series of sunday shows several months ago is misplaced and misguided. >> why did the administration put her out there as the spokesperson to end up misleading the world on what really happened in benghazi. i believe a president should be able to pick his cabinet, unless it's something egregeious. the senate robberies are saying, if what you said on five consecutive shows on sunday was false because somebody gave you
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bad informs, who's the person who gave you the bad information? i do think the white house is going to have to give them that answer for her to be approved. >> what unmitigated gall for these men to attack the permanent representative of the united nations. >> whether it's intelligence, whether it's enforcement... whether it's just the bureaucracy, vifound no heroes here in washington. >> all of the things that they have disliked about things that have gone on in this administration, they have never call aid male, unqualified -- called a male, unqualified, want bright, not trustworthy
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>> good evening, governor palin. your thoughts on this? >> oh, i guess they reach very far, an argument like that -- what the heck does this have to do with gender or skin color or anything else? this has to do with competency. susan rice's handling of libya has been part and parcel of the obama administration's handling of libya, which has been appalling. it's been atrocious. and it's really indicative of a lack of competency and truthfulness and certainly transparency in the entire obama administration. it has nothing to do with her gender. >> i think there is sexism involved. i think it's appalling. and it is this way, for some reason, because she's a woman, she is given a pass, that she's held to lower standards, which i object to. i want to be held to the same standard, equal standards. some will let her take a pass for giving false information,
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knowingly or unknowingly, sitting on it 73 days, until three days ago when he spoke to u.s. senators. for some reason, she gets a pass on that. i don't get that. i think that's demeaning to women if that's why she's getting a pass. >> i agree. still, to this day, no apology, no clear explanation to the people of america as it pertains to what really happened there in benghazi. again, just the illustration, i think, the prime example of the lack of transparentsy and honesty that is exemplified in the obama administration. very sad. >> well, there have been 73 days. it wasn't until this week when the information came out. and incidentally, senator collins with us last night, td us that -- that ambassador rice told her behind closed doors, that she had access to the president's daily briefing. so he had as much information as anybody, including that this was al qaeda affiliated, suspected, even on day one.
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but let me ask but senator eleanor holmes-norton. she said, we do not intend to stabbed by when susan rice who, had nothing to do with the benghazi attack or its aftermath is the scapegoat. she is not clamoring for her own party, for the administration to tell us, what did you know? when did you know? and why are you dragging your feet on it? she's missing the point. do you agree? >> she's missing the point. she is playing politics. she knows she has cover because the mainstream media is going right along with her and the suggestion that obama and his closest people in the white house did nothing wrong in benghazi. obviously, they did. four brave and innocent americans were killed in this attack. and still, the american people are left with so many questions. and spokespersons for this incident this, tragedy, are wanting to play politics instead of being straight with the
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people. >> yes. and the press secretary, jay carney, is i think likewise, subject to legitimate criticism. i assume that he has access to information and for many days, maybe not 73 days, but they have done everything they could not to get the facts out. if they want to end it, it's simple, just get the facts out. quit trying to hide them. i don't understand why everyone gives them the pass except cbs and fox on that. >> exactly, gret a. that's the bottom line. just be straight with the people. that's all we expect of our government, is honesty. so that we can, as the people being served, so we can judge the decisions being made. and jay carney, just so obstinate and arrogant really, in his replies and in his exarchals with the media over this. if i were a member of the media, being talked to and scolded as jay carney does to them, i would be quite offended and it would make me want to be an even
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better reporter and better investigator of what the facts truly are with this libya tragedy. >> the dirty little secret in washington, on both sides of the aisle, you will lose access -- you have to -- you have to use good judgment. i am not saying that you sell your soul on the administration -- >> so what? so what if you lose access to obama? you know why people-- the american people don't care if a reporter is not going to have access to the obama administration because what's coming back as a result of having that privileged, powerful access is this lack of transparency. it's more confusion. it's more uncertainty and it's lies! so why in the world would a reporter be concerned about getting more of that fed to them, those lies, the uncertainty, the murky answers to so many questions being asked. i wouldn't care about having that access. you know what the result is. >> i am with you. look what has happen in the benghazi investigation. state department did a
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conference call and conveniently left fox news off when they wanted to brief them the day before their capitol -- their people went to capitol hill. the fbi had a briefing and fox news was left out. and who didn't get the memo? fox news. but the other news organizations will eventually give it to us. that's theirey of it. they are trying to fiduciary fox because we dared to ask questions, what are the facts? on four murders? and the more you try to hide it, when 71 days drags to 72 day, drags to 73 days and we are still not getting the answer, it is reasonable to be suspicious that you are trying to hide manage. tell us and that will end it. >> and the american people need to understand that this -- this benghazi tragedy -- is just one example of what the greater problem is with the lack of transparency, the distrustfulness of our own government. benghazi is a prime example of it. but it leads you to believe and
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to know that there are many other decept jones that are a part -- deceptions that are a part of this white house and the mode of operation here in washington, d.c. >> if there is a reasonable explanation for any of the confusion, you know, tell us. you know, lay it out. don't give us more silly stuff. don't hide more stuff. frankly, i don't like the fact that ambassador rice met behind closed doors with the senators. i would rather have her answer questions to reporters. but that didn't happen. there is an awful lot done behind closed doors in this town that should be put out in the open. the american people can take it. they can handle it. they are big people. >> yeah. absolutely. by the way, it was a fascinating interview that you had with senator collins yesterday. i precked that new information was exposed because of you asking questions of her. and she, having had that opportunity to speak with susan rice. i think that the discussion, after hearing that interview,
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should lead us all to believe that susan rice, perhaps is not the person to become our next secretary of state. >> at the least fshe is nominated, she is entitled to a full hearing and she will be questioned aggressively, as she should be and every male candidate should likewise be. sheville a lot of question, should she be nominated. let me turn to the fiscal cliff. the edge of that is so close to us, are we going to go over it? what will it take to reach a deal? former [speaking spanish] newt gingrich said, it takes sitting down and talking face to face. >> if they wanted to sit and really talk, you can get a lot done. but i always remind people, clinton had been governor. as governor, he had spent years negotiating with legislatures. so when we took control of the congress, we sort of got the dance. he and i spent i think 35 days face to face. it wasn't that my staff will meet with your staff and eventually, we will have a brief
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phone call. that's nonsense. you have to be in a room. have you to listen to each other. >> so, where's president obama today? well, he was not in washington. he was at a toy factory in pennsylvania. to many, he seems to be back on the campaign trail, campaigning for fiscal ideas. governor palin, speaker gingrich, who has battled with president clinton, said you have to sit down face to face. this is being outsourced. how should this be resolved? how woo do we get the parties to talk? >> speaker gingrich knew than as he does now, the house of representatives holds the purrs string, they can unfund many of the things that are a result of obama's failed socialist policies when it comes to our fiscal situation. peeker gingrich knows, they don't have to capitulate. they can be at the table and exert the authority that they have, the power that they have, that the people gave them by
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re-lect electing republicans, conservatives in the house, holing the purrs string, saying no more of thisecless, irresponsible spending, coming from the white house. we want to rein it in. that's what he meant by saying, yeah, we have to both sit down at the table, both sides and negotiate this thing through. as for reaching a fiscal cliff, the narrative today in the media and in the world of politicos. we have gone over the cliff. we went over the cliff when we engaged in quantitative easing 2 and 3 and went four years without a budget, no blueprint to figure out how to rein in this dysfunctional, overgrown government that is based on borrowed money from foreign countries that don't necessarily like us and borrowed money from our children and grandchildren. we have gone over the cliff. now it's just a matter of how hard are we going to thump at the bottom of the cliff? >> am i too hard on politicians?
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i struggle with the thought of their work ethic being up for the job. i travel a lot. i see people without jobs, people are worried about losing jobs. we have known about the fiscal cliff and the sequestration and the tax increases or not tax increase, since a minimum of august of 2011. >> they have done nothing, except have a lot of chatter, no product. they have the super committee in november of 2011. they couldn't reach an opinion. so did they meet in december in no. january? no. february? no. did anybody do anything? no. in august, they went on vocation and campaigned for their vobs -- jobs. they took off august, september, october, early november and they are now worried about getting a deal before their christmas vacation. they are worried about christmas. i think, go figure. any business owner would never do that. so -- am i too hard on politicians? >> no. what this comes down to is the
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need for leadership in our country. think about all the problems that you just -- that you just espoused, gret a. and to consider that you take all of those problems and then have you to acknowledge that the leader of and the cause of many of those problems was just re-elected for four more years of the same? four more years of the status quo. what do they do? he says we are going to overtax special overspend and out-maneuver the other side through a fairytale utopia, somehow, we are going to be a prosperous nation -- no. >> can you -- can you -- i realize the president has the white house. so he has the leadership. and democrats have the senate. but you can really let the republicans off the hook in terms of -- look, you know, even if the other side is terrible in dealing with or has bad ideas or whatever, you still center to
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work with them, have you to figure out a way to bring them inside your tent to resolve this. it is not enough to say we put our thing on the table and we are done. it takes both of them. i realize the greater responsibility is in the party of power. but i think that the power -- the party that's not in power, they have responsibilities too the american people as well in this difficult time. >> well, again, the house of representatives, the leadership there needs to realize, they do have power because they hold the power of the purrs -- pursestrongs. the conservative, the republicans are in the majority there. but it comes down to leadership, greta. if the president of the united states is going to continue to engage in these failed socialist policies and continue to bankrupt this country, then the house of representatives needs to work around the president and needs to explain to the people what can be done to save us from this insolvency -- from this
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bankruptcy that we are facing. >> i tell you, one of the really lousy ideas yesterday, presented by the president's treasury secretary, tim geithner, when he went to capitol hill, he wanted to suggest that they change it so that the purpurview over the debt ceiling was no longer controlled by congress, so the president could have a credit card with no limits and do exactly what he wanted. but that type of mentality, not wanting the checks and balances on his own power, when we near a perilous economic condition is beyond me that the obama administration would ever suggest that and say -- i don't understand. it's as though they don't get it. >> yeah, geithner's proposal to not have the checks and balances that are necessarily inherent in defending our republic and also them proposing $1.6 trillion in new taxes and another tens of billions of dollars and another stimulus package that they want to propose, here again, house of
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representatives, you need to work around the failed ideas, coming from the president. and his spokesperson said, republicans don't get wobbly on us. don't be wusses. we elected you as representatives of the people to get to washington, d.c. and rein it in. washington, d.c. become as irrelevant as possible, please. that's the only solution at this point because we cannot continue to embrace the status quo and think anything's going to get better. >> president bill clinton got president obama re-elected, perhaps he can help him talk to the other side, like speaker gingrich. maybe if the president won't call speaker boehner, maybe he'll call bill clinton. governor, as always, thank you. >> thank you, good night. >> senator jeff sessions demanding the fiscal cliff talks be taken out of the shadows.
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why does he accuse the president of secret negotiations? that's next. many small business owners saying they can't pay for obamacare. but that's not the only thing about the health care law that has them worried. a las vegas business owner tells you about another big problem, one you probably haven't heard about before that may be your problem. plus, he's back. who could forget the drunk guy singing bohemian rhapsody in a police car. wait until you see what he is up to now. you don't want to miss this. it istory of moms, has ever turned down a handmade ornament. that's why we sat up santa's wonderland at bass pro shops. kids can get their free picture with santa, and this week make a... all for free.
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>> greta: what is the big secret about the fiscal cliff? senator jeff sessions blasting president obama and congressional leaders for holding secret talks.
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he joins us. what do you moon by secret? >> these talks are -- these talks are going on somebody leaked part of what is going on some sort of outline from the white house that seeps to be unacceptable to the republicans. why don't we see the whole plan? why doesn't the american people know what the president would like to see as the final idea for america's financial future? >> greta: the interesting thing is in some ways sometimes you want to have a secret meeting so you can speak candidly. the problem is, we've had so many secret meetings. the super committee, the gang of six, the gang of eight, committees now, the problem is i might be for these secret discussions about the fiscal cliff if any within had worked. we have a history repleat with failure. i agree, it should be out in the open. >> first of all, these secret talks violate the principle of
10:23 pm
american government that would be open to every city county school board has open meeting laws you are not supposed to be meeting in secret. the argument has been like you said the only way get things done. we've gone two years and nothing has gotten done. it certainly is contrary to good public policy. >> greta: why do we continue to accept failure? don't the people working on this, we've been talking about this 18 months and we've had secret talks gang of six, eight, it has not worked maybe we ought to try something new like doing it out in the open? >> harry reid refused to bring up a budget, you and i have talked about that before. why? because he did not want a public discuss and did not want the public to layout a firm plan for how to fix our future it left us having to try desperately dramatic deadlines try to reach agreement among -- with a pew
10:24 pm
people in meetings negotiateing that is not what american democracy is about. >> greta: interesting looking at this democratic presidency with the last one, bill clinton, president obama almost outsources this to others, to committees, aides, senators, congressmen, he outsources everything he doesn't want to get his hands dirty. bill clinton was in there slugging it out. newt gingrich said he spent 35 days face-to-face. why doesn't president clinton get involved this is his job? >> that is a good insight it is sort of an outsourcing. when you run for the office if you don't want to be involved directly engaged in the big issue of our time, dwarfing all others is our unsustainable financial course that's what we need to deal work the american people need to be engaged in it and it is not happening.
10:25 pm
>> he wants the applause but won't do the heavy lifting the ugly stuff, putting people in a room. >> i think you are correct in that observation. we've not made progress. what we get is, hubris after this big election 2%, maybe, win they've got a lot of confidence and shoving the numbers further than a few months ago. i think it endangers our need to reach an accord so we can avoid some of the big tax increases of this fiscal cliff. keep our country on a sound path. >> greta: what do you think is going to happen? >> i don't know. i can't see it ending well for those of us who believe in a frugal government. focus on waste, fraud and abuse, the president during the campaign was talking 800 it is twice that 1.6, they are talking about new spending programs. not using this tax revenue to
10:26 pm
pay down debt. this is a wide disagreement. >> greta: in the first one 800 dollars a year, we could go to the study and find 80 billion dollars each year of waste that no one in his right mind wants to pay for that would easily meet that revenue demand. no one looks for waste. it is bizarre. we got money that we should at least figure out what we really need. >> i couldn't agree more. i really believe, deeply, that every cabinet member needs to be a manager. there's so much good that could be done with strong leaders in these cabinet departments and subcabinet departments and subcabinet departments to save, be more productive for the american people before asking, send more money. that's what we hear washington. we are in this big debt problem, the american people,
10:27 pm
send more money. not deal with the hard things that congressional oversight, do a good job of that. tom coburn is great at it, few are. this is the kind of thing we need to do more of. >> greta: always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: the photo seen around the world. a new york city police officer buying boots for a homeless man. the officer quickly becoming a national hero. you will hear from him next. >> get out your wallet going to restaurants could cost you more. some small business owners are blaming obamacare. blaming obamacare. one is here to with the spark cash card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purche, everday! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great sinesses deserve great rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one.
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>> greta: you will love this. random act of kindness caught on camera now a new york police officer becoming a national hero t photo snapped by a tourist has gone viral. nypd officer lawrence deprimo
10:31 pm
buying boots for a homeless man on a freezing cold night. he tells fox news he just wanted to help. >> what brought my attention to it at first was somebody was making finance of him they said you got know shoes and they were laughing and he didn't even have a pair of socks on. >> you go into the shoe store and the employee found out what you were doing he gave you the employee discount you bought good boots that he could have for a while. >> i said listen, i don't care about the price we need to get him a good pair of boots give me whatever you have the best of. he came back later and they gave me a great pair and said this is all weather i said those will do. >> what did this gentleman say when you gave him the boots? >> i knelt didn't and surprised him i said i have these pair of boots they are in your size i ran back to find out his size. i ran back to him when i was helping him put on the boots
10:32 pm
he said thank you officer, god bless you stay safe and thank you for doing what you are doing. what >> we wouldn't know about in random act of kindness officer had it not been for jennifer foster of arizona who was visiting new york with her boy friend. she took that picture. she had this to say about what she saw. >> i saw a new york police officer coming towards this gentleman, he did not see me and he had boots in his hand and i heard him clearly say i have these size 12 all-weather boots for you, let's take care of you. the gentleman sat against the wall his face lit up. >> officer, so many people would walk by. you didn't. why? >> i mean as a police officer and another human being, you want to help this gentleman. i think that's something that a lot of people don't realize. things like this happen everyday. >> greta: new york city's police commissioner honoring this officer, giving him a
10:33 pm
special pair of nypd cuff links. >> now to obamacare. it is putting small business owners on edge. many say they can't pay for it is causing skyrocketing health care costs. the owner of metro pizza in las vegas with 200 employees he says it is going to kill him financially. does that mean lay-offs? sam joins us, good evening sam. >> hi greta. >> as i understand it sam, you provide some health insurance for some employees with obamacare things will change dramatically for you, tell me. >> most of our employees are younger and in their teens or 20s. they really choose not to have health care coverage or they choose not to pay for any. with the new law coming into effect in 2014, all of that as we know will change. we have a $2,000 per employee
10:34 pm
tax or penalty that we will have to pay, and that is just something that is extremely difficult for business like ours that is a high employee labor intense business and a low profit per employee business to be able to manage properly. >> greta: so the viewers understand this has been a family business home years? >> my cousin and i have owned this business 32 1/2 years we've been in town since 1980. >> greta: have you ever laid off people? >> we have never had a lay-off, dispute all of the peaks and valleys of the economy and different challenges that we've been faced. we've made it a point to never lay anyone off. we really don't look forward to the possibility of that either. we are going to see what we can do in other ways. there's only two major areas that we could work with a cost like this. that would be our -- labor.
10:35 pm
>> greta: in terms of this change have you calculated how much obama care would cost? to figure it out and keep records are you going to hire someone? >> that's another problem with the way the bill is written. they are calling fulltime employee a 30 hour per week employee. in our industry there are flexible hours in our company, many people have flexible hours that's one of the attractions of coming to work in a restaurant. of the 13 million restaurant employees around the country, that's one of the major attractions is that you can have flexible hours. what that means is, you.v.s can one week have 20 five hours and another week maybe up to 35 or more. how you stay in compliance with the law is going to be difficult for a company like ours to be able to understand and maintain because those hours keep going up and down. we would have to hire someone
10:36 pm
that just watches over that and because we would want to of course stay in compliance with the law. but it makes it difficult, besides the cost. to go back to your first question the cost to our company would be additional $300,000. which frankly, i'm not sure how we are going to be able to pay for that without doing some other dramatic things to our -- the way we put together our company and have our financial model structured. >> greta: did you go to a white house meeting about obamacare at some point, is that right? >> i was fortunate to be part of a group of members of the industry that were asked by the white house to come in. to their credit they wanted to know, this was over 18 months ago. they wanted to know how this bill, the way it was written, the way the regulations were put together, might impact our industry. we were able to share with them and they were very interested in hearing what it
10:37 pm
was about the way the bill was written that would cause our industry some concern. >> greta: did they do anything as a result of meeting? did they change anything or make it easier? >> i honestly don't know what the outcome, the ultimate outcome of that was. they are still writing regulations. some of what we were talking about were hard wired into the law. i think they needed to try and understand what some of the impact of these regulations would be on an industry like ours which is labory[í1z intens. >> greta: it is a bad time to do it after it is hard wired in to bring people in to talk about it. i hope they do something and it want just a photo-op with a lot of small business owners. i'm talking -- i'm taking last word on that sam. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> coming up president obama and john boehner both talking fiscal cliff. are they talking to each other? is anyone in washington
10:38 pm
talking to each other? our panel is here to talk about that next. >> one of our favorite videos of the year. back of the police car. he's back. you have to see what he has done now. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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10:42 pm
teacher and then himself in a classroom with studenting looking on in casper college, in wyoming. he killed a person in the neighborhood nearby on campus. they are not saying how any of the three died. police don't think the victim was a student, but they believe he knew the victims. >> storm watch in most of the san francisco bay area throughout the weekend. heavy rain and wind, flooding roads and knocking out power lines. it is believed it is blamed for at least one traffic death. a utility worker was killed after crashing his truck into a traffic signal pole. i'm marianne rafferty, now back to "on the record." you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. log on to >> the president: it is not acceptable to me and i don't think it is acceptable to you for a handful of republicans in congress to hold middle class tax cuts hostage because
10:43 pm
they don't tax rates on upper income folks to go up. >> there's a stalemate the white house spent three weeks trying to develop a proposal and they send one up here that calls for 1.6 trillion in new tax. calls for a little -- not even 400 billion dollars in cuts. and they want to have this extra spending that is actually greater than the amount they are willing to cut. i mean it is -- it was not a serious proposal. >> greta: stalemate own one month before we dive head first over that fiscal cliff. when the president and lawmakers come up with a solution? joining us our political panel byron york, rick klein and bob cusack. byron, stalemate? that is almost sugarcoats where we are. >> for the time being this is a crazy situation. >> no! are you kidding!
10:44 pm
>> this is nuts. the president can win on raising tax rates for the highest earner, earners that's what he campaigned on time after time and the republicans would cave on this they could make agreement. and everybody could go home for christmas. the president asked for more and more to make it unacceptable to republicans. on the issue that he campaigned on, making everybody pay their fair share, he could win now. >> greta: rick? >> so much of this is going to plan also why people hate washington. it is playing out the way you have to expect it would. when they are talking now, they are not negotiating either publicly or privately. they are throwing things out to try and assuage their respective bases to get them to the point where they know they have to get to. a month by washington standards is eons of time for them to figure this out.
10:45 pm
they are not going to serious for a couple more weeks. most think they will come to some kind of agreement at the end. we know in broad terps what that agreement is going to be like. if boehner and obama could come together they could get within done in an hour but they have to worry about the left and right. that's why a lot of bluster. >> i think nancy pelosi will be key there will be a lot of defections on the republican side, nancy pelosi stays in the house she is a great whip. she has to convince a lot of democrats to vote yes. there are going to be been fit cuts, cuts to entitlement, otherwise republicans are not going to go along with any type of tax increase. >> greta: people make business decisions based on what they predict is going to happen. congress and the president have held us in abeyance for a year and a half on this issue which has stall the economy, people -- while they sit and lay their game and their
10:46 pm
vacation everything else, they've stalled the impact. >> the idea of all of the bush tax cuts going away, is a serious thing. here again, the president could win, having them all go over, that's an extraordinarily serious event. the question now, i think, is whether republicans take this offer from yesterday, whether they take it personally or they just say well -- >> greta: you think it is posturing to make it a game? >> i think the first offer from the democrats should have been a couple weeks ago. the first offer had to be really bad, the democrats just won an election, their interest groups everyone that fought and bled for that election feels like they did well they can't give something that negotiates away a lot of what they want going to ask for something unrealistic and hoping to get something back. the first offer has to be rejected out of hand.
10:47 pm
>> greta: i think it is insulting. >> i think the republicans expected something bad, i just don't think they expected something this bad. >> by throwing something in like the debt limit. i think the executive branch should take care of that and congress should get out of the way. >> greta: why would you give a blank cheque and credit card to anybody? >> it was that kind of kitchen sink effect. the question is will the republicans react personally and get mad about it or say okay that's what he does, we'll do our offer which will be just as much on our side then we'll talk. >> greta: why are so many democratic governors willing to set up obamacare mandated examine exchanges, exchanges examine exchanges, exchanges republican governors say cost want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
10:48 pm
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>> greta: 17 republican governors say no to the president they will not set up state run health chains they say the examine changes will cost their states too much money. the most democratic governors agreed to set up their own exchanges why? bob i cannot figure out this looks like it is going to cost the states why would a democratic governor want to set it up? >> because they will taylor to
10:52 pm
their state needs. if you are a democrat you have to set up our own program hhs will be burdened to go into other republican states it is going to be a tough task to meet the january 2014 deadline. >> greta: nobody is happy with examine changes or health insurance or any kind -- examine changes or health insurance or any kind of inch chance, you may you can is it up better. >> this is for a segment of people that don't have insurance now or access to insurance that work for smaller businesses or out on their own. the idea is to make it easier to obtain coverage through the state level. bob is right if a governor sets it up they can decide which insures have to be part what kind of packages how do you apply for it. >> greta: governor brewer last night i see 27 to 40 million the second year, huge amount why would a state want to pick that up? >> federal government has grands available states taking advantage of those grant ms. in some part the idea is
10:53 pm
tailoring it for your state's needs. >> we need to consider the possibility that some of these governors believe in the idea behind obamacare. a lot of these states already expanded medicaid eligibility before obamacare. tough to you remember, even though a plurality of the public is still against obamacare, the polls were in favor of repeal. a lot of states serious majorities in favor of it. if you believe it that you have already expanded medicaid expansion and the majority of the voters in your state believe it then you go for it. >> greta: even if you want to do that as a good loyal democrat isn't there a cost to your state? if it is 27 to 40 million i don't know what you get out of it for that kind of money. >> not all of that expense is going to be theirs. beyond that to be the
10:54 pm
political person to say this is the kind of issue that is has so divided the two parties. if you are a ran governor who says i want to set up -- if you are a republican governor who says i want to set up an exchange or a democratic governor, who says i am not, it would be heresy. i think that does play into it. >> greta: not economic, political? >> i think so. which party is usually for state control? usually the republican party. in this case a lot of democratic governors say we can do this better in our own state. >> i think they say this is going to be a cost safer in the long run like the stimulus republicans saying i don't want stimulus, republican governors say -- >> greta: that's free money for your state. totally on an economic standpoint. >> this is a buy product on the way -- this is a bi
10:55 pm
product on the way the obamacare was passed. republicans decided we are not ever, never going to be part of this. >> greta: panel being thank you. >> coming up your last call. update on one of your favorite videos of the year. the latest, next. this holiday, share everything.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here,
10:59 pm
flash studio lights, it's time for last call. who can forget this guy? the drunk guy turned rap star? he sang in the back of a police car. >>. ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . >> greta: tonight update on the canadian man. he went to court and yes, he wore that outfit to court. after


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